Introducing Overnet a permanent fall protection system for industrial and commercial roofing. We can offer a supply only service or supply and fit.

Supplied in 25-m rolls, it is easily installed outdoors on trapezoidal metal sheet or trapezoidal sandwich panels.

Complete system composed of: fall protection net, fastening plates, EPDM gaskets and rivets.

Strong and durable through the combination of different protective elements: zinc plating, primer and PVC.

Roof Light Covers for commercial business

Mesh systems  |  Low Profile systems  |  UPVC Systems  |  Metal Systems for Industrial roofs, safety, and photovoltaic systems.

Working at height carries many risks that have the ability to cause serious injury, or worse. Common risks when working on a roof are falling from the edge, or falling through, especially fragile roof lights. Roofs generally host all manner of plant, or equipment that requires access for general maintenance works, especially solar panels. Our range of roof light protection covers solves this issue! Providing rooftop protection means no requirement for underside netting, and our low-level mesh roof light covers offer space savings, which we understand is a critical and important element in panel design.

The surfaces of industrial roofs, which are usually very large, are often used for installing photovoltaic systems, and we work with many PV solar panel contractors where we have made the roof completely safe to allow installers and maintainers of solar panels to work without risk.

We are able to offer our services on a supply-only, or a supply and fix basis. Our recommendation is that this is installed by our engineers, as we have the specialist experience to be able to install these by way of utilising temporary lifeline cable fall protection systems, after all, it is what we have been doing for the past 25 years!

Please visit our sister sites, where you will find all manner of information appertaining to fall protection,, where you will find solutions for working at height for standingseam roofing systems, and which is our personal protective equipment online e-commerce platform for harnesses, lanyards, work clothing, and other associated equipment.

Our range of roof light covers to suit your roof

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The facts about working at height

Skylights and roof lights pose a significant danger to workers who have to work at heights in the UK. In fact, they account for 20% of all fatal falls through fragile roofs. The reason why building owners don’t take enough measures to protect workers is that they’re often worried about covering these lights and blocking natural light.

Fortunately, our roof light covers provide a solution to this problem. We install frames, bars, and mesh to protect workers from falls without blocking natural light.

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